Georgian College

The has accredited the two programs in its Business Studies. These are the Business Administration – Marketing and Business – marketing programs.

Business Administration – Marketing

Planning for success
In this program, students are involved in a lot of real world projects and a key to success is the friendly atmosphere in class that makes it easy to work in teams, something that will be a great advantage for career development.

What’s special?
Students learn all about the important aspects of marketing like research, planning, communication and sales. When they graduate, they’ll not only have a diploma, but Georgian is the first Canadian college to be accredited to offer the MCInst.M professional designation to grads who qualify.

Georgian has an exceptional co-op program. The college is ideally located when it comes time to look for a co-op placement. Within an easy commute of the campus, opportunities range from big city firms to top-notch recreational resorts. Grads can go on to become management trainees, division or general managers, area sales representatives, management or positions within advertising agencies and market research.

Business – Marketing

Right on target
This program introduces students to the various functional aspects of business in general, and marketing more specifically. Graduates are able to apply planning, assessment, analysis, communication, sales, teamwork, research, and mathematical skills to support the marketing activities of an organization. In addition, graduates are able to participate in the design of an organization’s marketing plan and the preparation of its business plan

What’s special?
A combination of work and study develops maturity and professionalism, applies classroom training to practical situations, and encourages academic achievement by expanding knowledge and skills. In addition, co-op improves opportunities for permanent employment. Co-op experiences will sharpen interviewing and writing skills, as well as orient students to the job environment and assist with career decisions.

Management trainee to division or general manager; area sales to sales management; entry level positions within advertising agencies and market research firms are just a few of the career routes travelled by Business – Marketing and Business Administration – Marketing graduates. Employers include banks; finance, trust and insurance companies; computer firms; government ministries and agencies; producers of consumer and industrial products; wholesalers; retailers; companies and non-profit organizations.

Chartered Institute of Marketing Program at Georgian

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom) and the have accredited Georgian College to provide the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s professional marketing program. The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s largest and most prestigious marketing organization, representing approximately 60,000 professional marketers worldwide.

Professional marketers have the skills to carry out comprehensive marketing programs for businesses and governments, and manage change. Professional skills are developed through university or college education, professional development, and workplace experience.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has crafted a detailed framework of the skill sets and the knowledge required at every stage of a professional’s marketing career. Employers and employees alike look to professional marketing associations like the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the to set educational standards and codes of conduct for professional development and career progression.

The encourages the growth of marketing knowledge and provides opportunities where marketing and management practitioners can exchange information. The Institute encourages training and marketing education that meets international standards. The marketing program of the Chartered Institute of Marketing offered by Georgian College meets those international standards.