Why Network?

The key to good networking is building long-term professional relationships. Networking can be most rewarding and beneficial when there is no immediate need to be fulfilled. This gives you the opportunity to approach and get to know people from a wide range of backgrounds and positions. Because you are not out to ‘get something’ from networking, it becomes easier to spend time getting know and sharing information with others. As a result, others maybe more receptive to you and would be more likely to want to establish a connection.

It is unfortunate that most people tend to seek out those who hold key positions in organizations that can assist in helping to get jobs and opening up business opportunities. It is also unfortunate that some people approach networking as a race to give out and collect the most number of business cards. I have seen this at many networking events. Such individuals are quick to tell their story and why one should invest in their products/services, and move on to the next person. These are very narrow approaches to networking. It’s difficult to establish a good network of people that you can tap into for years, if your approach is short-termed, and as a result you may not reap the best benefits out of that connection.

What is your opinion? How do you use face networking events?